What’s on offer

The team at Black Opal Proofreading offers two levels of proofreading and editing – ‘Proofreading Lite’ and ‘Copy Editing/Proofreading Combined’.
All edits are done using ‘track changes’, which allows you as the author final control of your work.

Sample Edit

This will allow you to see what it is that we do, and the editor can get a feel as to what level of service you need. Oftentimes an author thinks that they only need Proofreading Lite, when in fact they require a copy edit.
Cost $45.00 If you go ahead with the service, then the $45 will be deducted from your final total.

Proofreading Lite

Proofreading Lite is designed for manuscripts that have been through a previous rigorous editing process, and there should be less than 100 edits in your manuscript.
This is a basic service and will only cover spelling, punctuation, and grammar and should be the last step before publishing. What will be covered are typos, grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, missing words, wrong words, and wrong names.  No suggestions will be offered on word choice or sentence structure etc.
If your work requires more than this, then it is strongly recommended that you use the Copy Edit/Proofread Combined Service.
Cost $1.00 per 250-word page or part thereof.

Copy Edit/Proofread Combined Service 

If the novel requires more than a basic proofread (more than 100 edits), or has not yet had any editing, then a combined copy edit/proofread will apply.
This is a more comprehensive edit that in addition to the above, includes sentence structure, authors voice, word choice, repeated words in a sentence or paragraph, removal of unnecessary words, and general ‘readability’.
Cost $1.50 per 250-word page or part thereof.

As You Go Option

This service is the copy editing/proofreading combined service as an ‘as you go’ option. This means your chapters are edited as they are written (generally 2-3 at a time).  This service requires the same deposit, but you will be invoiced for each section (unless otherwise agreed). This is a great option for two reasons. First, it will allow you to spread the cost over time, and second, it will allow any issues to be picked up earlier and hopefully be avoided later.
Cost $1.50 per 250-word page or part thereof.

Second Read Through

A second read through is highly recommended for novels that have gone through the Copy Edit/Proofread Combined service and may be done by a different editor than the original if requested, but is subject to the availability of the second editor. This allows a second pair of eyes to check the manuscript.  A second read through means that any changes that have been made to the original manuscript by the author or editors will be checked.
Cost $40.00 flat rate for novellas (less than 50,000 words)
        $70.00 flat rate for full length novels (over 50,000 words)

The Small Print*

~All prices are in AUD (Australian Dollars).  
~One page equals 250 words.  Part pages will be rounded up.
~Payment is required up front for a sample edit.
~A deposit of $90 dollars is required before any work by an editor/proofreader will be started. The final balance is to be paid before the manuscript will be sent back to you.
~You will be sent an editing agreement that needs to be signed and returned before any work is started.
~Both US and UK English and grammar can be used, depending on the author, and editors will adapt to whatever style they use.

All Prices Subject to Change